Washable Face Masks

Washable Face Masks


100 % Cotton & Linen Combination - 300gsm - Three Layered Face Mask.

The Material we have used is soft and flexible on the skin to ensure maximum comfort.

The Mechanical filtration is just the fabric physically catching the particles and research found that with fabrics such as cotton, high thread count works the best. The smaller the holes, the fewer large particles can escape. Stretchy ear loops made of cotton and elastic for comfort and flexibility.

One size fits most adults/teens and we do have childrens sizes too.

Made in Ireland.


• Do not bleach
• Wash in high temperature 60°C / 140 F machine wash.
• Hot temperature tumble dry / or dry wet mask with hot ironing 150°C
• After hot temperature tumble dry please do hot ironing (150°C) as well for better sterilization of the mask.