Needle Felted Moon Gazing Hare

Needle Felted Moon Gazing Hare


This Moon Gazing Hare stands 9 inches high, 4 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The Hare is Packaged and delivered in a special box with tissue paper and makes a UNIQUE gift.

The world is full of stories of the Link between the Hare and the Moon.
In Europe, ancient traditions tend to associate the hare with moon deities and the symbolism of the hunt. In Irish folklore the hare is also often associated with the Otherworld (Aos Si) community whose world was reached through mists, hills, lakes, ponds, wetland areas, caves, ancient burial sites, cairns and mounds.

Those entities were seen as very powerful and the hares link to them sent a warning that those who harm them could suffer dreadful consequences. Shapeshifters were often said to take the form of the hare.

The Goddess Eostre changed into a hare at the full moon, whilst Boudicca is thought to have used the hare for divination. In esoteric terms, the hare is best known as an animal of transformation. There is a legend that the Celtic warrior Oisin hunted a hare, wounding it in the leg. Oisin followed the wounded animal into a thicket where he found a door leading down into the ground. He went in and came to a large hall where he found a beautiful young woman sitting on a throne bleeding from a leg wound.