Needle Felted Sheep [Baa Baa's]

Needle Felted Sheep [Baa Baa's]


Laura has a lovely collection of little felted sheep [Baa Baa's as she likes to call them] in a range of colours. West Cork is well known for its beautiful landscapes and for all the sheep dotted wherever you look.

Madeleine Rose and Laura love coloured sheep because they both feel that they look so much more interesting. What Inspired Laura to colour the sheep was that the Kerry Supporters were in trouble after complaints were made that sheep had been sprayed and clothed ahead of an All Ireland Soccer final. It was great "Crack" as the Irish would say.

Kerry is not the only county to paint their sheep as it happens regularly, all good fun though and the animals aren’t hurt, it just washes off.

On a more serious note, Irish farmers spray paint their sheep to mark them as their flock so they can roam with the sheep from other flocks. So when you drive around in Ireland you will find sheep painted in a wide range of colours.